Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not Too Smart!

Apparently I hadn't actually confirmed my GMAT appointment for June 28th. I was checking it a bit ago (procrastinating once again!), and I realized I hadn't followed through. And, naturally, that date - and all around it - are full. Next available slot: Saturday, July 12th, at 12:15PM. Maybe this is actually better, as it will give me more time to buckle down. I just hope it doesn't lead to me procrastinating since the test isn't for a few weeks now.

Last night I got three straight PS questions wrong in OG11, all in the 170s. I nearly wanted to throw up when I checked. I blame it on a brain fart; definitely shook my confidence a bit. I studied the correct answers and really tried to shore up what I had done wrong. Sometimes it feels like I'll learn from a mistake, only to be done in by the new process when I see a similar question! Frustrating.

I've also thought about my target schools. With my GPA (2.82 at WFU), are they realistic? Could I even get an interview at USC/UCLA/NYU? Should I start looking more at the 25-45 range of schools? It's disconcerting to see my GPA below the 20% mark.


Late Bloomer said...

A lower GPA doesn't exclude you from being accepted. A higher GMAT score will even that out :)

A later test date might not be too bad. It'll give you more time to really kick tail. Good luck!

Bianca Reagan said...

Use the optional essays to explain your GPA. Explain why you'll be a good match at your respective schools despite that weakness. Also, when visiting schools, ask about pre-MBA classes you could take to show your commitment towards getting an MBA.

Princess said...

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