Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Mythical 700

I took Manhattan GMAT test #4, and got a 700. Midway through the quant portion, I wanted to quit and start over, as I felt I was doing terrible. Verbal felt good. When I got my score report, it was Q43/V41, a 70/93 breakdown for a total score of 700. I love my verbal score, but disappointed in my quant. My problem solving questions have gotten worse from last time (though my DS has gotten better), and I'm just not improving as much as I need. Still, going from 580 to 700 isn't a bad jump!


chanakya said...

well done mate.. based on several other folks comments the MGMAT's are tougher than the real GMAT so you should be in fine shape.

Aragorn said...

I am in the same boat!
I got 680 in the test. MGMAT is hard. I am giving the Gmat on July 12th. When are you giving it?

Omne said...

I'm planning on June 28th, though I won't sign up until the two-week mark. I want to be sure I only need to take it once

Aragorn said...

What do you think we should get in practice gmatprep test to have a better chance to score above 700 in real thing?