Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's Been Too Long

Sorry for the lack of updates. I seem to be posting once a week. Maybe it's just because it's the summer, and I can only comment on my GMAT studying so many times before all seven of my readers shout out "Enough!" Studying has been going ok...I think I'm doing well, especially when I get into a mental fight with OG11. I swear, sometimes I know my answer is right, and the book is wrong. I did the first 50 RC questions and got 45 correct, so that's pretty good. I'm through the first 140 PS questions, and I'd say I've gotten 120 correct on the first pass. I really want to take a GMAT Prep test to see how I'd do on a legit test, instead of relying on my Manhattan GMAT scores (660). Maybe Sunday.

The work situation hasn't improved much. It's just so frustrating sometimes. I have a meeting with my manager on Friday to discuss some things, and my future. Hopefully we can have a constructive conversation and actually move forward. I'm heading out to go golfing for the first time, hopefully I don't do too poorly.

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