Sunday, May 18, 2008

Evidence of Progress

Another crazy busy weekend! Friday night was a going-away party for a co-worker, then just the usual stuff. Saturday was an early start. I had a Humane Society event at a bank branch opening, and we raised some money and more awareness, which is always good. It's cool to see the look on people's faces when they see a puppy. After that, running errands with mom, then studying for the GMAT, then to a friend's birthday party then to another party. I need a break!

I decided to take another Manhattan GMAT test (I seem to be saving the GMATPrep tests), and wasn't sure how I would do. I keep working through the OG11, but wasn't sure how it would translate to Manhattan GMAT. To recap, my first two tests were a 580 and a 600. After this time, a 660 popped up. Woohoo! That's gotta be more than a variance in guessing, right? Definitely made me feel better. Quant jumped up three points (from 40 to 43), all of which came in DS (I actually missed more PS questions than last time); verbal jumped four points, to 37, with gains in CR and RC. Definitely happy about the gains in DS and CR, as those were my weakest, but I'm concerned about my score dropping in PS.

Regardless, this does instill some confidence as I approach my June 28th test date. Overall, I've raised my score 80 points, and have 40 more to go for my goal. I feel good, knowing I haven't focused much on SC (I've got the Manhattan GMAT SC bible, so that'll help) and I've got plenty of more practice questions in the OG to go (I've only done 56 PS questions!) Moral of today's story: My confidence that was shattered is slowly coming back!

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Jamie Samans, the Spontaneous Tourist said...

Yeah, the GMAT is about half strategy and half content knowledge. Never solve a problem farther than necessary to arrive at an answer!