Friday, May 2, 2008

The Cost of the Journey

After receiving much advice, I decided to finally purchase the Manhattan GMAT SC guide, as well as the OG11. I guess I'm sort of re-starting this process, as my old methods weren't yielding the results I need. It also got me thinking...just how much money have I spent on my MBA journey so far?

Study Stuff: I've bought the OG11, and a total of five Manhattan GMAT books (SC, Number Properties, Equations/Inequalities, fractions/decimals, and Geometry), as well as a general math refresher book. Total cost of all this: $124.29

Class Visit: I took a trip to LA to visit USC-Marshall in early April; flight + hotel = $640. Adding in food and cab fare, total cost of the trip was close to $900.

Others: I bought two books, How To Get Into The Top MBA Programs by Montauk, and Your MBA Game Plan by Bouknight and Shrum. Total cost: $32.03

So, prior to actually signing up for the GMAT, or writing any application fees, I've spent $1056, the bulk of it coming from the trip to LA. And who said an MBA isn't an investment with high costs

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