Thursday, May 15, 2008

D-Day is set!

I did it. On Saturday, June 28th, 2008, at 8AM Eastern, I will sit for my (first) attempt at the GMAT. People had long been telling me that once a date is set, you really start buckling down and have a clear end in site. No more aimless studying, or putting off that last problem set because tomorrow is another day. I have roughly six weeks to get it done. There are no trips scheduled in that timeframe, no birthdays or vacations. It will be all GMAT, all the time.

I went through some of the Problem Solving sets in OG11. I got 31 out of the first 32 correct, and thought to myself, "Hey, maybe I've turned the corner and I'm gonna do it!" Then I realized that the questions at the beginning of the group of 250 are much easier than those at the end. Oops. False hope stinks.

This Saturday is a Humane Society event...the bank I work at is having a branch opening near my house, so I'll be volunteering there, handing out literature and trying to get some dogs and cats adopted. It's good to get back into this, as I haven't done anything since early April (right before I left for LA); I don't want the AdComs thinking I'm just doing it to put it on my application! Though, now whenever another volunteer opportunity comes up (Junior Achievement, Big Brothers Big Sisters, etc.) I wonder if I join now, will they think I did it for resume filler? Will they see a lack of leadership positions within my extra curriculars and say "He's full of it!" This is what I worry about.

In other news, let's all keep the people of both Myanmar and China in our thoughts and hearts as they deal with their natural disasters, the cyclone and earthquake, respectively. I've lived through a few hurricanes, an earthquake, more tornadoes than I can count, and I can say that none of them are fun. The loss of life from these events is astounding...estimates of 100k and 50k from these latest disasters. That's more people than I've met in my life!

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