Friday, April 3, 2009

Turn The Page

The calendar has turned from March to April and spring weather is in full bloom. What this means in Northeast Ohio is 67 and sunny one day, snow the next. And we wonder why everyone is sick all the time! April also brings more admissions offers, so congrats to all the new entrants to the Class of 2011!

I submitted my FAFSA the other day, so that's finally done. It'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out, but I'm hopeful everything will be alright. I leave for W-S in two weeks for Red Carpet Weekend and hope to secure my housing at that time. I'm hopeful the next few months fly by...I'm excited to quit my job and start this journey for real! After the past 14 months of studying and preparing essays and filling in biographical information and visiting campuses and interviewing with AdComs and current students and networking and....sigh, that's only the beginning! If getting your MBA is like a long road trip, right now we're all sitting at the gas station, deciding which road to take to our destination. We still haven't left the station yet!

I think we're all ready to slide into the driver's seat and get this show on the road

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Anonymous said...

Exactly. Just cant wait to get started !