Thursday, April 16, 2009

Off to Carolina, part 827

I start my drive down to Carolina in an hour or so (after stopping to get a haircut). I can't wait to get away for a few days and focus on something other than funerals or work problems. I find I can barely contain my enthusiasm for starting my MBA; I'm sure my family and friends are sick and tired of hearing about the clubs and classes and networking and international trips and etc. and etc. It's hard to focus at work, knowing my time is limited and I'm there purely for a paycheck or to pass work off to someone else.

Red Carpet Weekend has a lot of events to do. I'll be meeting with financial aid to go over my scholarship and money issues, sitting in on a competitive global policy class, saying hello to my former bosses at the law school, finding an apartment, reconnecting with the people I met at Scholar's Weekend, finding a place to live, meeting new admitted students, team building activities, learning about Project Nicaragua and various other student services and attending dinners/social events. I'll need a vacation after this!

Lastly, I wanted to say farewell to MaybeMBA. Hers was one of the most honest and refreshing MBA blogs out there, with the added benefit of being told from the perspective of a parent MBA student. We will miss your words and insight!


Anonymous said...

Vacation after a vacation ? ;-)

paragon2pieces said...

I remember feeling the same way in my last weeks on the job before leaving for my program! Have a great trip :)

Choc Heaven said...

isn't it impossible finding the motivation to wake up every morning and THEN spend the whole day at work when you know you're going to be leaving soon...!!