Thursday, April 23, 2009

Evolution of a B-school Applicant

Getting in: that's the easy part! Now is when all the other stuff begins to creep up on you. First, you've got to pay for school. I'm fortunate with my scholarship, but I still need a little bit to cover cost of living. I went through and did the entrance exam and I now feel like I know everything about student loans (other than what I used to know, which is how to sign my checks each month!) Next up is selecting a lender. This doesn't seem difficult: my four options all carry the same rate and the same repayment plans/benefits.

Next, you've got to quit your job. I had targeted the end of June, and I think I'll stick with that. My bosses know I'm leaving, just not the exact date. I'm giving a lot of transition time, as I've seen the horrors of someone leaving without properly setting the stage for others to take over the work. I can't wait for my party!

Keep up to date on Facebook! This may seem a strange topic, but it's true. Most schools have an admitted students page on Facebook. I had met some people prior to RCW, so I felt I had a good base on conversation when we actually met. It's also nice to keep in contact with those you met.

Finally, set yourself up mentally and physically for B-school. Spend time with family and friends. Read non-business books. Catch up on some TV shows, like The Wire or Big Bang Theory. Go to the gym and work out or run. Relax! You've made it this far, the next couple of months are the calm before the storm of school.


MBA Podcaster said...

Congrats on your big move! Best of luck with the MBA and your career beyond.

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Lauren said...

Yes! A Big Bang Theory fan! Who are you? I was at Showcase Saturday weekend, then Red Carpet Weekend too! I found your blog this week through another article. I'll be headed to Wake for MBA c'2011 also - I just want to put a name, face (or Facebook page) with this blog! Keep in touch - I move to Winston-Salem May 31. laurentaylornc(at)