Monday, February 9, 2009

Waitlisted at UNC

Another day, another waitlist. Checked my status when I had a free moment and UNC has offered me a spot on the waitlist. They will evaluate me with the other waitlisters and R3 applicants with notification coming on March 23rd, the same day as Georgetown's notification.

This is putting me in a difficult spot, though. First, I have to let Wake Forest know by April 1st if I'm accepting. If I get in to any other school, I'll have a week to figure it out. There likely won't be any scholarship money left either, so now the question will become "Is a full-ride to Wake Forest better than accepted at another school with no money?" This is frustrating having to wait so long.


Choc Heaven said...

ah well the waits are almost as gruelling as the apps huh!!!

eteiger said...

Hey, I applied rd. 2 as well but haven't seen my "application status" change as of yet in my online app. Where were you advised of the committee's decision?