Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras!

Ah, good ol' Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday was usually a fun day back when I lived in New Orleans. I remember staying uptown for the parades and just enjoying myself with other people. Downtown was a different story completely! I hope everyone has a fun time wherever you celebrate. And for those of you in the Crescent City for the first time, remember: There ain't no place to pee on Mardi Gras day!

On the MBA front, nothing new to report from other schools. Hope has completely evaporated for an interview invite at UCLA, but that was to be expected. The Duke notification date is slowly creeping up; I do hope we get word prior to Monday. I know R1 decisions went out on the Friday before the date. Maybe we'll all get lucky!

I RSVP'd for Scholar's Weekend at Wake Forest. I'm working with the travel agent to determine the best flight to Greensboro. Gotta love that this is all paid for by the university! They'll also cover my costs to attend Red Carpet Weekend in April. One thing I'm liking about Babcock is the amount of communication between the school and me. Since getting accepted, I've had students call me and message me on Facebook, the Dean has called, I've gotten an email from a professor. I keep getting letters saying how much they want me to come. It really makes me feel like they're saying "We want you!" instead of "You may not be good enough, but I guess we'll let you in anyway."

Vegas dates are set. July 8th-12th, I found a flight and hotel for under $415, which is awesome. Can't wait!

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