Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is Winter Over?

The worst part about winter in northern Ohio is the sense of false hope it can give you. Just when you think it's nearing an end and warmer temperatures are coming, we get socked with a foot of snow. This morning my commute took over two hours (normally 45 minutes) and the walk from the car to the office was brutal. One can easily see why I chose the schools I did.

I got my formal invitations for Scholar's Weekend and Red Carpet Weekend at Wake Forest. Scholar's Weekend is for students receiving one of the big scholarships; it's a chance to learn more about the school, interact with other recipients and people, all on WFU's dime. They're covering airfare, hotel, shuttles and food. Sounds like a good time! The invitation came in the form of a call from the Dean. But I have to ask, why call at 10PM at night?

Red Carpet Weekend is the admitted students weekend, and falls a month after Scholar's Weekend. I was given a voucher for free airfare as I live some distance away (more than a five hour drive). Not bad, two visits in the span of just over a month, all for free.

I'm looking forward to these, as well as final decisions from the rest of my schools. Meanwhile, I keep plotting my finances for the next few months (it'd be easier if my roommate had paid me anything since September!) and how much debt I can get rid of. I also started planning a Vegas trip for early July. Prices for airfare and hotel are under $500 for a five-day trip, which is excellent. 138 days to go!

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