Monday, January 12, 2009

Waitlisted at Georgetown

When the calls started going out this afternoon and my phone was conspicuously silent, I knew it wasn't good. Shortly after 5PM, I get the status update email. I login, breathe, and click the link. Waitlisted. I had prepared myself for a ding, so I guess this is better than nothing. I'm really not sure what the likelihood of getting off the WL will be this year. I know Hairtwirler made it off the WL with a much-improved GMAT score. Maybe that's a possibility for me, though it's only two months to study. I've been promoted since I applied, so that will help, and I can do the third recommendation they suggest.

I was fearful of this decision. If I was rejected from Georgetown then odds were good that I'd be rejected from UCLA, UNC and Duke. Wake Forest remains my most likely shot at an MBA now, so I surely hope I knock it out of the park. I do wish Georgetown would provide some feedback but I understand why they can't.

Congratulations to all the Georgetown admits who got good news. Oddly enough, no one has reported a ding yet.


Soni said...

Good luck with McDonough, from a fellow Buckeye transplanted in Maryland.

Priyanshu said...

This is Raj.. Just saw ur blog.. Ny updates about the WL from Georgetown yet .. are u admitted now ?

I too noticed that there were no dings.. Isnt it odd or they have kept all that for the end :)