Sunday, January 25, 2009

Admitted at Wake Forest

I'm way too tired to blog about my Duke visit or the whirlwind tour of Wake Forest. I've spent 24 hours in the car the past few days. I'll give details tomorrow. But, I got a formal acceptance call yesterday around 6:30. Further, I was offered a Dean's Scholarship. Essentially, full tuition, $10k stipend each year, and they'll pay for my trips abroad. Awesome deal, one that will surely complicate any future acceptances (no chance I get this deal from any other school!). I'm happy, excited, nervous, and tired all at the same time.

Let me just say this...having an admittance in my pocket makes me feel a thousand times better.


Soni said...

Wow, great deal! congratulations!

What is your post-consulting goal? Keep in mind that WF will provide good opportunities if you want to stay in the area, but the Duke brand stretches around the globe.

Still, tough to pass up a full scholly + 10k stipend.

Happy Libran said...

Great! Congrats!

Good luck in deciding :)