Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Wait List Strategy

The snow needs to stop. Seriously, it's getting ridiculous. Over 10 inches this past weekend, and it just keeps on comin'! Anyone wonder why most of my schools are in warm weather locations? Sheesh.

While I was at first upset then happy about landing on the WL for Georgetown, I have now come to terms with it. Last year, Georgetown waitlisted 300+ applicants and eventually offered admissions to 100+. That's a mighty fine ratio for someone in my position, factoring in those who took themselves off the WL to take a spot at another B-school. I had until February 1st to notify the Waiting List Administrator (such an official title); I sent in my acceptance notice at about 5:15PM!

So, now it's time to develop my strategy for getting off the waitlist. The status letter gave some options on what to send: 1) Updated GMAT score; 2) A third letter of recommendation; 3) An additional essay highlighting personal/professional changes/experiences since applying.

1) Updated GMAT: I don't think this is very necessary for me, for several reasons. I would need to submit this score by March 16th, leaving just about two months to study. I got a 680 the first time I took it, which is right inline with other admits/WL people. Marginally improving my score won't make a difference. If I retake it and get a 710, will that really make the difference? Also, this score will only apply to Georgetown. Is it worthwhile to spend the two months and $250 to marginally improve my chance? Not an efficient usage of time or money.

2) 3rd Letter of Recommendation: This is a definite. I have already spoken to my new manager (I got a new manager in August 2008) and he is all about helping me. I had my previous manager and another colleague write the first two. I've already put together a packet of information for him, and he said he could get it out the door either this Friday or early next week. Awesome!

3) Additional Essay: They provided almost no guidance on this one, in terms of length or format. Just a basic prompt of describing professional or personal changes or experiences. Well, since I applied back in November, I have been promoted and given a title, been put on a very select team to basically solve the ills of the department, been put in charge of training an additional team member, and survived a buyout. I also want to use this opportunity to reiterate why I want to go to Georgetown.

So, that's my strategy. I'm reaching out to people on the various clubs I'm interested in to gain more insight. I am also talking to an alumnus, the only person I know who went to a top 50 school. Hopefully these all pan out for me and I get an offer. I would like to know if offers for us on the WL go out on March 23rd, or anytime between now and then.


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