Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wake Forest Submitted

I submitted my Wake Forest-Babcock application today. My interview isn't until 1/24/09, but I had the option of submitting it today and getting a fee waiver (in honor of Wake going to a third consecutive bowl game). Saved me $75, so yay! On the 23rd of January I'll be attending a dinner with alumni, faculty and current students to learn more about the program. The 24th is a busy day, with a mock class, tour (I used to work there, so I'm pretty comfortable in that building), information sessions, then my Done-In-A-Day interview. I don't have to write essays, but I sit for a panel-style interview and answer the essay questions. By doing this, I will receive an admissions decision within 24 hours. When I get home, I should have an admit in my pocket if all goes well.

All that's left to do is submit Duke in early January then prepare for my second Carolina trip for interviews and visits. I've already started the Duke essays, so I'm pretty confident I'll finish early. I kind of like submitting apps on a rolling basis. My original plan was to submit everything for round one, but this would have been very taxing for both myself and my recommenders. This way is better, staggering them. Although, it also means my decision notifications are staggered. Oh well!

So, who works next week? I'm off starting Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Congrats for the submission... But I am sure that even if you need to go to the NC area, it won't be Wake Forest

The Fighting Polak said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck on at Done-in-a-Day...I'll be there myself (along with my wife, Amanda). My name is Chris in case we run into each other.

I know one thing: I'll be glad when all of this is over!

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