Friday, August 29, 2008


Emory's app went live, so I briefly started that one. I'm trying to focus on the ones with the soonest due dates, especially UCLA. I'm almost done with the application part, and I've started my essays. The good news is my manager (soon-to-be former manager due to the re-org) agreed to write my recommendations, and he was very enthusiastic about it! I've got another person in mind for the other recs, hopefully she's as receptive.

Does anyone else get worried when apps aren't available? Duke still hasn't posted theirs, and USC hasn't even updated deadlines from last year! Get on the ball people!

All these Business Week stories and what not, about the surge in applications making it nearly impossible to gain admittance, are a bit scary. What if I spend all this money, call in these favors, go through the long and arduous process, and get rejected from every single school! I keep telling myself "You're not an investment banker. You're not an IT guy from India. You're non-traditional, so those 750 GMATs don't really apply to you." But am I deluding myself?

Schools are back in session for the most part, so I'd like to welcome back to newly-minted SYs, as well as welcome the first year students. I've followed some of your blogs throughout the process, and you've served as inspiration throughout. Keep on blogging so we know it's all worth it!

UPDATE: Of course, shortly after this is posted, the Duke Fuqua application goes live. It's all on you, USC!

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