Thursday, August 21, 2008

Apps Have Begun!

First, you probably have noticed the new look to my blog. The black and green was starting to look a little...dark. I decided to switch it to something lighter, a bit easier to read. Hopefully everyone likes it. I also updated the school list a bit, which brings me to...

Application time! Emory had posted their application a bit ago, so I've begun going through the bread and butter info (name, address, education, work experience, etc.) and thinking about their essays. Clear Admit informed me that UNC's application and essays *finally* went live today, so I also started that one. So, two essays started, quite a few more to go! It does feel good to be moving forward with the process; I just want all my other schools to hurry up and let me start filling out the apps!

I've also started thinking about interviews. I know it's early, especially for schools that are invite-only. I personally think all schools should be invite-only. For a school like UNC, it is required of all applicants, regardless of whether you are seen as a compelling candidate. You need to take time off work, travel to Chapel Hill, and go through the interview process, without knowing your status. At other schools that are invite-only, such as USC, you know if they ask you to come in for an interview, you have crossed that first hurdle into "This candidate is interesting!" territory. I like that idea better than blindly interviewing.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's good a school allows everyone to interview. I just think it's easier for those schools that are invite-only. What do you think?


Samantha said...

I completely agree about the interviews. I have to get to Tuck sometime this fall to interview and it's such a hassle. It would be better if I knew I had passed their initial cut-off first and they were excited to meet me.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree that all schools should have invite-only. Saves time n energy for the school n the applicant. Only benefit I see is that the applicant gets some more practice which he can employ in another interview with another school!