Saturday, March 29, 2008

GMAT Practice Test Round 2

I took my second Manhattan GMAT practice test this afternoon. For those that don't remember, the first time I scored a 580 (39Q/31V). This time, I scored a 600 (40Q/33V). A small improvement, and I wonder if I actually did any better, or if it was just some lucky guesses. I had hoped to perform better, maybe 620-650, but hey, any improvement is good.

It seems I'm making lots of errors on sentence correction, so that's something I will definitely focus on. Does anyone have any tips? Books to study? Any help is always appreciated from the community!

In other news, I'm preparing for my trip to visit USC. I figure visiting will light the fire under me to buckle down and study hard. I got my haircut today, and I need to find my camera to take lots of pictures. Until next time...

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