Sunday, April 25, 2010

Almost Done

Wow...I don't know when it happened. One minute you're trapped under an insane amount of work, figuring out which assignment to slack off on, juggling the coming exams and presentations. Next thing you know, you take a look at the calendar and realize in less than two weeks, it's all over. The first year of your MBA journey will be over. It's amazing how quickly it all happened!

There's only a few days left before the second years graduate, the first years head off for their summer adventures and begin their internships. The coming week will not be fun: exam tomorrow, presentation Tuesday, presentation Wednesday, quiz and paper Thursday. If I make it that far, the following week is just an exam and another presentation. A week from Wednesday, and I'm done! So where will my summer begin?

China! I'll be spending two weeks in China, going from Beijing to Xi'an to Shanghai and finally Hong Kong. It'll be a nice mix of cultural stuff and business visits. My main thing is going to be the World Expo; I think I could spend two weeks there, but I'll likely only have a day. I'm definitely pumped for this trip. Unlike Nicaragua, where the language barrier wasn't so much of an issue, there will be a huge barrier in China. When I get back, I'll have two weeks until my internship starts. So, I'll have to pack up and move to...

Chicago! My last entry I spoke of heading to Atlanta. Literally the day I was going to sign my offer letter, I received word from the CMC office to hold off for a day. The next afternoon, I got an amazing offer from a company that would send me to Chicago. The offer absolutely blew me away, so I had to accept! I've never been to Chicago, so this will be an experience. I've started looking at housing options, I've got my start date, so I'm hopeful I'll have something before I leave for China (don't want this hanging over my head while I'm there).

Things are falling into place across the board for MBAs. It seems people are getting and accepting offers every day, and the mood is starting to lighten for the majority of the class. Exciting things are happening all around us and it's a great time. I can't wait for the next adventures in my life. More to come!

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