Friday, September 4, 2009

Where Does The Time Go

The first few days of my MBA? Fairly manageable. My first full week? Good lord! Now I know what everyone meant when they said "Just wait, it'll get crazy soon!" I'm experiencing first-hand the whole notion that there's simply too much work and not enough time to do it all. As performances begin to slip, panic sets in. And on top of that...

The SGA Club Fair was yesterday afternoon in the courtyard of the law school/business school. All the clubs were there with their representatives, including the Dean, as well as food and beer. Nothing like spending a sunny afternoon having a beer and learning about the different clubs and organizations! There's simply too many clubs you find yourself signing up for; I think I finished with seven or eight.

Top on my list were the Marketing Summit and Marketing Association. I also signed up for Project Nicaragua, NetImpact, Strategy and Consulting Club, Ambassadors, the Wine Club and the intramural soccer team. Can I do it all? Absolutely not. I figure pretty quickly I'll need to make some tough choices and widdle this list down to something that vaguely resembles manageable. The question is: what to cut?

Tomorrow is the first football game of the season, and with it the first tailgate! I haven't been to a game since 2004, back when Wake wasn't as competitive. I hear things have changed a bit; there's actually a lottery system for tickets now! Luckily I got one. Can't wait to enjoy some free time and watch Baylor go down!

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