Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The calendar has turned to June. Summer is starting soon, the weather is finally getting some regularity (no more thirty degree temperature differences in a 24-hour span!), and lazy times are descending. I'm in my last 28 days of working at my current job and as I transition things I find myself with tons of free time. I think I only have five more deliverables!

In terms of school, I've started taking stock of what else must be done. I see health insurance forms, medical history and physical to be completed, pre-term work yet to be announced. I wish it would all start now so I can get going, instead of waiting around. Some of my future classmates have already moved to Winston-Salem and I look forward to joining them next month.

One thing I've noticed is that I've stopped following the new applicant bloggers (class of 2012), instead focusing more on the current students and my fellow admits. I'm very thankful that JulyDream has continued to update her blog throughout her internship, otherwise I wouldn't have much to read!

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