Monday, March 23, 2009

The Game Is The Game

Today was decision day for UNC and Georgetown. I had previously been waitlisted at both back in R1 and was anxious to see the results. In short: they suck. I've been asked to remain on the WL at both. Notification for UNC would come May 4th; Georgetown on May 18th. Sorry, folks, not gonna happen.

I had been leaning towards Wake Forest pretty much since I got accepted back in January; my visit for Scholar's Weekend pretty much cemented it, but I wanted to give the other schools a chance. Asking me to remain on the WL is pretty harsh. Yes, I know it's not a straight ding, though at this point it must be. Schools know you applied to other places, and in the four or five months since you've surely gotten an acceptance somewhere with a deposit due. May dates clearly fall outside those dates. Those who choose to remain on the WL either haven't gotten in elsewhere or are willing to eat a deposit. I will not.

So, the choice is made. I will join the Wake Forest Babcock class of 2011 and have zero qualms about it. I've met fantastic people throughout, I love the school and the area, and I know I can be a part of something special. More importantly, I feel WANTED. Georgetown and UNC have had me on WLs since January (and asking to remain until at least May); Wake constantly reaches out to me to see if there's anything I need. Being wanted is a better feeling than being accepted.

I'll never know about Georgetown or UNC. Sure, I could tell them to keep me on the WL until May and find out my status then, but what would be the point? You don't ask a girl to the prom, and when she says yes ask another girl just to find out what she'd say. Me and Wake Forest, we're going dancing.


Anonymous said...

And I am sure you'd dance better with the girl who 'wanted' you :-)

Choc Heaven said...

haha (@ the comment above) .. i agree. it definitely is much better to feel wanted and know that you'll fit in :) so.. good choice and best of luck!

Lala said...

Congrats! Babcock is a good school

Palo Alto for a While said...

AND... it's a full ride, which is awesome. Congratulations.

RGC-D-o-double ZZ! said...


Finally, I found someone who's coming to 2011 Wake class. I am an admit from India and I am planning to take it up.

The FB community is almost dormant at this stage of time so I thot I'd rather drop in a line to someone's blog and see how keen they're on joining :)

Please feel free to write me back:

Keep writing.

See ya