Thursday, September 11, 2008

In The Thick Of It

Here's the updates on the application front: UCLA general application is about done. All four essays are drafted and I'm starting to get feedback from my readers. I do wish I had someone who went through this process...everyone I know with an MBA got it from part-time local colleges. I'd like the opinion of someone who went full-time at a Top 25 program.

I'm about to send my UNC Part I application and fee so I can schedule my interview. My trip is planned like this: Drive to North Carolina the weekend of October 11th-12th. On the 13th, do my visit and interview with Duke; on the 14th, do the visit and interview with UNC. Afterwards, drive to Atlanta and visit Emory (with an interview). This'll take me to Thursday, during which I'll either stay the night there (and visit the largest aquarium in the world!) or drive to Charlotte and relax for a few days with my brother before heading back home. This would take care of my interviews at Duke, UNC and Emory all before the first deadlines. I'd also be able to use visit information in my essays!

My recommenders have started their UCLA parts, which is nice. I've provided them with a quick fact sheet, my resume, and some talking points (ie, School A focuses on leadership, School B on teamwork) to help them along. They both seem enthusiastic, and I've given them plenty of lead time.

Other than that, I'm writing my final exam for my online math class. It's been a good experience, and it definitely makes you focus. I'm heading to Washington, DC on the 25th for some downtime and to check out the sites. Can't wait!

PS: USC, hurry up and post some deadlines and essays!!!

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