Thursday, July 10, 2008

D-Day Approaches

Sorry All! It's been a crazy few days, which is why I haven't gotten to post. Work, family drama, relationships, and the 4th of July weekend took most of my time. My GMAT appointment is Saturday at noon. On Sunday, I took MGMAT #6 and got a 650. Lower than my last two (700 and 680), but I chalked it up to the fact that I had been partying since Thursday, and probably wasn't in the best frame of mind.

Tonight, I took GMATPrep #1. I wanted to get a sense of actual questions (other than from OG11). I got a 610. I still can't believe it. My splits were 41Q (actually about right) but 33V, which is INSANELY lower than what I typically get. Did I just get accustomed to answering Manhattan GMAT questions? What the heck happened? Mom offered some words of encouragement...I was on an unfamiliar PC (which I'll be on Saturday), the room was insanely hot, and I had spent 10 hours at work. Maybe she's right. I felt OK going into it, and I know a few of the verbal questions hung me up, but I still couldn't believe it was that bad. I've never scored that low on verbal!

This has obviously scared me for Saturday. What if this score is more reflective of my tests, and not the MGMAT scores? Also, why are my scores so spread out (580, 600, 660, 700, 680, 650, 610)? Very strange.

Hopefully the last two were just outliers, and I'm actually closer to the middle range of those scores than the first or last few.


Journey 2BSchool said...

You've got this and can do it!!!

No need to analyze or speculate at this point - try to get your mind back into the GMAT flow.

Stay calm, be focused, be mentally tough and know you have worked real hard and prepared well.

I wish you the best of luck!

Own that GMAT beast! :)

Anonymous said...


don't worry about it. My scores were 520,580,610,680,720,710,610,600,580. I took the last test the day before gmat and got a 600 and thouigh that I was going to get 640 at best. Took the test the next day and scored 700. So just take it easy and on test day relax and do your thing.